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Hezbollah will increase operations Against Israel ” strength, quantity and quality” : Official

The Lebanese Hezbollah movement threatened Israel to increase military operations in response to the assassination of a senior leader in its ranks last night By an Israeli raid .

“If the Israeli enemy is screaming and moaning from what it’s suffering in northern Palestine, let it prepare to cry and wail” , the  Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Hashem Safieddine said .

“Martyr Talib Abdallah is one of the heroes of July 2006 war, and it is natural that he would be a permanent target.” he added .


“The enemy is still in its foolishness, and has not learned from all the past experiences when it believes that assassinating leaders weakens the resistance, but experience has proven that the more leaders are martyred, the more steadfast and entrenched the resistance becomes.”

“Our definitive and inevitable answer after this pure blood is that our operations will increase in intensity, strength, quantity and quality.” .

Earlier today, a barrage of over 100 rockets from Lebanon targeted Safad and Tabariyya for the first time since October 7

Since this morning, Hezbollah has announced 9 operations, including the bombing of the Plasan factory in Sasa in the Galilee that produces Israeli military vehicle armor and the Meron military base.

Yesterday , Hezbollah commander Talib Sami Abdallah, ‘Abu Talib,’ age 55, was assassinated in the Israeli bombing of Jwaya, southern Lebanon, which resulted in a total of 4 deaths.

He is being reported as the highest-ranking Hezbollah field commander assassinated by Israel since October 7 .

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