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Hezbollah rains 215 missiles on Israel in response to the assassination of one of its leaders (Video)

Hezbollah launched more than 215 rockets and several more missiles and drones at Israel on Wednesday,

The barrages marked the largest attack carried out by Hezbollah during ongoing fighting on the Lebanon border, amid the war in the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli media including the Times of Israel.

The successive attacks began on Wednesday morning with a barrage of at least 200 rockets fired at several areas in northern of Israel , including Tiberias — for the first time amid the war — Safed and Rosh Pina, sending tens of thousands of Israeli to shelters.


Hezbollah said in a statement that they bombed the headquarters of the Air Control Unit and the Department of Air Operations on the northern direction at the Miron base ,and they bombed the reserve headquarters of the Northern Legion at a base stationing the Galilee Division’s reserve and warehouses in “Amaad” , and they targeted the “Balsan” factory for military industries in the Sa`sa settlement

The Hezbollah large-scale attack came after a senior commander of the movement became martyred in an Israeli strike.



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