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Hezbollah Launches Largest Rocket, Drone Attack On Israel For the second day after the assassination (Videos)

For the second day, Hezbollah launched more than a hundred rockets and dozens of suicide drones drones at nine sites of the Israeli Defense Fores (IDF) in a coordinated attack June 13.

Katyusha and Falaq rockets targeted the al-Zaoura barracks, Kela barracks, Yoav barracks, Katsafia base, Nafah base and the “Sahel Battalion” in Beit Hillal base, Hezbollah said in a statement, adding that suicide drones also struck the David base, which hosts the headquarters of the Northern Region Command, Mishar base, where intelligence units working on assassinations in Israel’s northern front are deployed, and Katsavia barracks, which is the headquarters of the 7th Regular Armored Brigade of the 210th Golan Division.

The Hezbollah-linked Al-Manar TV reported more than 100 rockets fired at once during the coordinated attack. Meanwhile, a security source told Reuters that the attack also involved launching at least 30 suicide drones.


Hezbollah said that the attack was carried out in response to the recent Israeli assassination of t its senior commander Taleb Sami Abdullah, who was also known as “Abu Taleb,” as well as in support of the Palestinian people and resistance in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF reported that some 40 rockets launched by Hezbollah crossed the border, many of which were intercepted by air defenses, but others impacted, causing at least 15 fires. Two men in their 20s were also lightly hurt by shrapnel.

Another seven “suspicious aerial targets” -thought to be drones- were identified, the IDF said. Four of the suspected drones were shot down by air defenses, the IDF added, noting that there were no injuries.

This was reportedly the largest attack launched by Hezbollah since October, when the group started exchanging fire with the IDF in parallel with the Israeli war on Gaza.

The attack was not the only one announced by Hezbollah during the day. The group said in three other statements that its fighters targeted al-Raheb site with artillery and heavy machine guns, struck the al-Ramtha site with “suitable weapons and launched more suicide drones at the Mishar base and Katsavia barracks.

The Hezbollah large-scale attack came after a senior commander of the movement became martyred in an Israeli strike

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