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Greek Navy frigate HYDRA went through “hell” in the Red Sea , Yemen : Greek sailors say

The crew of the Greek frigate HYDRA, consisting of 205 sailors, was participating in EU’s Operation Aspides against Houthi strikes.

The 205 crew members of the “HYDRA” frigate who were returning from the first war operation in the Red Sea were received by the head of the Greek Navy in an audience .

Before yesterday’s sailing of the second frigate “PSARA” which will strafe the “HYDRA” in the Red Sea, the GEETHA captain met with the HYDRA crew in an attempt to calm spirits and stop leaks to the press about the high degree of danger of the specific mission. After assuring them how proud the service is of them, he promised them that they would be honored at a special ceremony. Then the A/GEETHA gave the floor to ALL crew members and recorded their resignations one by one.



A serious incident occurred on May 19 when a Houthi missile exploded 150 meters from the HYDRA while it was escorting a merchant ship.

The NATO Operations Center in Larissa notified the ship’s commander about the missile launch one minute after it had already exploded.

Following this incident, ten crew members requested immediate repatriation.

Greek sailors say:

The ship lacks modern anti-drone protection systems.
Obsolete Phalanx cannons were ineffective against drones.
Crew members resorted to using personal weapons to attempt shooting down drones.
There were instances of misidentifying stars as drones.

The HYDRA returned in early June, earlier than the originally planned end of July.

Source: iEidiseis

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