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Breaking : Yemeni’s Houthis carry out Huge drone attacks on Five ships in Israel

The Yemeni Armed Forces: carrying out two joint operations with the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, targeting 5 ships in the port of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea, Yemeni army spokesman said in Statement.

The first operation targeted four ships in the port of Haifa, in which two of them are cement tanker ships, and the other two were general cargo ships that belong to companies violated the ban decision of entry to the ports of occupied Palestine, using a number of drones, he Added.

The other operation targeted the Shorthorn Express ship in the Mediterranean Sea while was on its way to the port of Haifa, using a number of drones.


Both operations have achieved their objectives successfully, and the strikes were accurate and direct.

The Yemeni Armed Forces will continue to carry out their joint military operations with the Iraqi Islamic Resistance in support and solidarity with the Palestinian people until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted , he said .

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