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Yemeni forces bombed 3 Israeli Ships in Gulf of Aden

he military spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, Yahya Sareaa , said in a statement published this morning in Sanaa times :

The Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a joint operation by the naval forces, the air force, and the missile force, targeting Israeli ships as :

The first is the Israeli MSC DIEGO ship in the Gulf of Aden , The other is the Israeli MSC GINA ship in the Gulf of Aden.


The targeting operation was carried out with a number of ballistic missiles and drones, and thanks to Allah, the hit was accurate.

The missile force carried out two specific operations targeting the MSC VITTORIA ship, the first took place in the Indian Ocean, and the other against the same ship in the Arabian Sea, and thanks to Allah, the hit was direct

The Yemeni Armed Forces are following developments of the situation in the Gaza Strip and will not hesitate to escalate their military operations in the face of the oppression against the Palestinian people, as have been stated in their previous statements

The Yemeni armed forces continue to prevent Israeli navigation or navigation heading to the ports of occupied Palestine in the declared area of ​​operations until the siege is lifted and the aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is stopped.

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