Yemen Attacks Three Israeli-linked ships in Mediterranean and Red Sea

Yemen’s Armed Forces have announced carrying out three operations, striking two Israeli ships and one headed towards the occupied territories.

The forces’ spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree made the announcement in the capital Sana’a on Friday.

“The first operation targeted the Israeli ship MSC Alexandra in the Arabian Sea with a number of ballistic missiles,” he said.

“The second operation was carried out by the Navy, the Air Force, and the Missile Force, targeting the ship Yannis as it was passing through the Red Sea” towards the occupied territories, noted the official.

“The third operation was carried out by the Missile Force, targeting the Israeli ship Essex in the Mediterranean Sea,” Saree stated.

Adding to his remarks, the spokesman said, “The Yemeni Armed Forces renew their warning to all companies dealing with the Israeli entity that their ships, regardless of their destination, will be targeted within the declared operation zone.”

Yemen began the strikes after October 7, by hitting the Israeli vessels or those heading towards the ports of the occupied Palestinian territories that could pass through Yemen’s maritime areas.


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