Ukraine destroys Russian missile ship in Crimea strike – Report

The Ukrainian military said on Tuesday it destroyed the last Russian warship armed with cruise missiles peninsula of Crimea during an operation over the weekend.

Ukraine’s military reported conducting a long-range attack that destroyed a Russian minesweeping navy vessel on Sunday and said it needed more time to confirm what else had been damaged.

“According to updated information, the Ukrainian defense forces hit a Russian project 22800 Tsiklon missile ship in Sevastopol, on the night of May 19,” the General Staff said on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian Navy later said in a statement on X that the vessel had been “destroyed.”

Reuters was not able to independently verify the statements. There was no immediate comment from the Russian side.

The Russian defense ministry said on Sunday that its forces had shot down nine US ATACMS missiles over Crimea.

Razvozhayev said no one was injured in the attack but that some residential buildings had been damaged.

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