New batches of Syrian displaced arrive Syria from Lebanon

Dozens of displaced families residing in refugee camps in Lebanon returned today through the al-Zamrani crossing in Damascus countryside and the Jusiyah crossing in Homs countryside to their safe villages and towns liberated from terrorism, amid procedures made smoothly by the concerned authorities.

SANA reporters from the crossings reported the arrival of dozens of displaced Syrians coming from Lebanon, bringing with them some of their belongings.

Reporters said that the returnees’ personal information was smoothly registered by  committees formed to follow up on their affairs and provide them with assistance in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities and health teams.

The medical teams demonstrated full readiness to provide the necessary medical services via ambulances and mobile clinics to assess health and nutritional conditions along with providing vaccines to children, SANA said .

“I’m going back alone for the moment, in order to prepare for my family’s return,” said a 57-year-old man originally from Syria’s Qalamun area, declining to be identified by name.

“I am happy to go back to my country after 10 years” as a refugee, he told AFP.

Earlier this month, the European Union announced $1 billion in aid to Beirut to help stem irregular migration to the bloc, but in Lebanon the package has been criticized for failing to meet growing public demands for Syrians to leave.

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