Israeli Strike Reveals Hezbollah Is In Possession Of Advanced anti-aircraft System (Videos) – Report

A wave of Israeli strikes that hit southern Lebanon on May 17 revealed that Hezbollah is in possession of advanced Iranian-made medium range air defense systems.

The strikes targeted facilities belonging to Hezbollah’s air defense force in Najjarieh, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced in a statement, noting that a number of fighters were gathered at the sites in the coastal town to the south of Sidon city.

Video footage from the scene of the strikes showed what appears to be an Iranian-made Sayyad-2 anti-aircraft missile.

The missile, which is thought to be guided via semi-active radar and command, has a range of 40-75 kilometers depending on the version. It is typically associated with the Khordad 15 medium range air defense system.

The footage confirmed for the first time that Hezbollah is in possession of such an advanced air defense system, which could engage not only drones and helicopters but also fighter jets, According to south front website

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