Israel confirms , Hezbollah attacked sensitive military base

Israel confirms Lebanon’s Hezbollah has attacked a sensitive military facility from which a giant spy balloon, known as Sky Dew, is operated.

The Israeli military said on Thursday morning that an explosive-laden Hezbollah drone had hit an Israeli airbase, situated some 35 kilometers from the northern border between the occupied territories and Lebanon.

The operation was Hezbollah’s “deepest strike” in the occupied lands since Israel launched its aggression against the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported.

Before the new operation, the reports added, Hezbollah had fired projectiles at Israeli targets up to around 15 kilometers from the frontier.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah announced that it had targeted and destroyed an Israeli balloon, which used to spy on Lebanon, over the settlement of Adamit.

The  group also said that it had struck the balloon’s launch base, control mechanism and personnel, which killed and injured Israeli soldiers.

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