Iraqi group Attacks Several ‘Vital Targets’ In Israel With Cruise Missiles, Suicide Drones (Videos)

The Iraqi group ( Islamic Resistance in Iraq), has launched more attacks against military sites and infrastructure in Israel.

Late on May 15, the IRI announced in a statement that it had launched Arqab cruise missiles at “vital targets” in Jericho valley and Nevatim Air Base. In two other statement released early on May 16, the group said it targeted a vital target in the port city of Eilat and an oil refinery in Haifa city with suicide drones.

Videos released by the group showed the launch of two Arqab missiles at Jericho and Nevatim as well as the launch of a single suicide drone at Haifa refinary.

Arqab is reportedly a copy of the Iranian-made Paveh cruise missile, which is powered by a turbo-jet engine and has a range of 1,650 kilometers. Meanwhile, the drone used in the attack on Haifa appears to be of an Iranian-made type known as Shahed-101.


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