Hezbollah uses a new missile for the first time in bombing Israel

Hezbollah announced on May 12 that it had used a new type of heavy Missile against the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for the first time.

The missile , dubbed “Jihad Mughniyeh,” were fired at gatherings of Israeli troops near the Zebdine border site, the group said in a statement, without providing any further details on the new weapon.

There were no reports of casualties in Hebrew media.

Jihad Mughniyeh was senior commander of Hezbollah and the son of the group’s top military commander Imad Mughniyeh who was assassinated in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in 2008, allegedly by Israeli intelligence. In 2015, an Israeli strike on the southern Syria governorate of al-Quneitra,killed Jihad and several Iranian commanders, according to South front website

The rocket attack on Zebdine was not Hezbollah’s only attack against Israel during the day. Earlier, the group said in a statement that its fighters fired guided missiles at a vehicle carrying surveillance equipment and other technical systems in the Hunin barracks on the border with Lebanon.

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