Hezbollah targets Israeli military command base in Golan Heights

The Lebanese Hezbollah has targeted an Israeli military command base in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah said in statement  that the resistance fighters struck the Israeli army’s 210th Division base on Monday By Dozens of missiles in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli onslaught against the coastal sliver.

It further noted that the strike was also in retaliation for repeated Israeli aggression on the strategic Bekaa Valley, which is situated about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) east of the capital Beirut.

Heavy rocket barrages were launched from southern Lebanon at Israeli military installations at the Galilee panhandle in the northern part of the 1948 Israeli-occupied territories as well as the occupied Golan Heights.

Israeli media outlets reported that sirens blared over incoming rocket fire in a number of communities in the Golan Heights and close to the border with Lebanon.

Hundreds of Israeli settlers in the area were asked to take cover in public shelters during the rocket attack.

There were reports that nearly 70 missiles were launched from Lebanon at the southern Golan Heights.


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