Hezbollah hits Israeli targets in ‘multipronged attack’

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says it carried out a multipronged attack on targets controlled by the Israel in north of the occupied Palestine.

Lebanese media reports quoted a Hezbollah statement as saying on Wednesday that the group had launched missile and drone attacks on Israel’s Hanita and Adamit barracks.

The statement said that explosive drones and powerful missiles had also targeted a building occupied by Israeli military forces in al Metula settlement as well as two similar buildings in Shlomi settlement and another one in Manara settlement.

It said the attacks were in line with Hezbollah’s military campaign to support the people of Gaza in their struggle against the ongoing Israeli invasion and to respond to the Israeli regime’s attacks on villages in southern Lebanon.

Sirens sounded in various areas across northern Palestine to warn Israeli settlers and military forces about imminent threat from Hezbollah’s drones.

Reports in the Israeli media indicated that Israel had losses to its military personnel as a result of Hezbollah attack including fatalities in Malikieh and Avivim military barracks.

One soldier was killed and others were injured, according to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper

Hezbollah’s attacks came after Israel targeted areas in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah and Israel have been trading fire across Lebanon’s southern frontier with the occupied Palestine since Israel invaded Gaza in early October last year.

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