Video : Israel bombs Syria in the Iranian consulate building in Damascus

Field sources told Muraselon news  that Israeli aircraft launched an air strike over Lebanon targeting a building adjacent to the Iranian embassy in the capital Damascus .



The source told US that the Syrian AD  managed to shoot down three missiles out of four launched by Israeli aircraft .

According to the official SANA agency, Israel directly targeted the Iranian consulate building in the Mezzeh neighborhood in Damascus.


Syrian military said  , Around 17:00 this afternoon, the “israeli” enemy launched an aerial aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting the Iranian consulate building in Damascus. Our air defenses confronted the enemy’s missiles, downing some of them. The aggression resulted in the complete destruction of the building and the martyrdom and injury of everyone inside. Efforts are underway to recover the bodies of the martyrs, provide aid to the wounded, and remove the debris.



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