US official expects that Iran will attack Israel in coming hours .

A US official said Iran is likely to launch its attack on an entity in the early hours of Sunday, stressing that the United States will intervene in the war.

The U.S. official said in remarks carried by news agencies that the United States would defend Israel and seek to counter a possible Iranian attack.

“Our additional military capabilities are in place and ready to counter any An attack from Iran.”

Recntly , The Israeli army issued a statement reducing gatherings and banning educational activities on Saturday evening .

” Following a situational assessment, it was determined that as of 23:00 (IST) tonight, changes will be made to the Home Front Command’s defensive guidelines ” IDF said .

while ,Two sources told CNN that Washington noted that Iran is moving military assets, including aircraft and cruise missiles” .

” The US had observed Iran moving military assets around internally, including drones and cruise missiles, signaling that it was preparing to attack Israeli targets from inside its own territory, according to two people familiar with US intelligence ” , CNN report said

” One of the people said that the US had observed Iran readying as many as 100 cruise missiles ” , CNN Added .

Last week, Israel carried out an airstrike on the consular annex of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, destroying the building. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said seven of its members had been killed in the attack, including two commanders. Iran is expected to conduct retaliatory strikes against Israel in the coming hours or days.

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