US never accept wiping the Jewish state off the map , we may enter the War : Biden

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the United States will not stand idly by if Iran escalates its attack on Israel on a large scale, and Washington may be dragged into confrontation.

In an article with the Wall Street Journal, Biden said: “The IDF has the technology to defend it. Iran wants to destroy Israel and wipe out the only Jewish state in the world and we will not allow that.”


“If Iran significantly escalates its attack on Israel, the United States could be dragged into it Israel is our strongest partner in the region, and we will not stand idly by if it is attacked and its defenses weakened.”

” We can make that outcome less likely by replenishing Israel’s air defenses and providing military aid now, so its defenses can remain fully stocked and ready”

Iran said its armed forces were ready to repel any attack from Israel, the air force said it was on standby, and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned that the “smallest attack” from Israel would trigger a “huge and harsh” reaction, as the region prepares for an Israeli counterattack, in response to an attack by Iran, last Saturday.


Raisi said on Wednesday at the Iranian military’s annual military parade that any Israeli move against his country, even a small one, would be met with a “strong and decisive” response.


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