Two US officials predict Targets to be bombed by Israel in response to Iran attack

The NBC News quoted US officials that Israel’s response to Iran may be limited and may include strikes on Iranian forces and allies abroad

Israeli officials briefed their U.S. counterparts on possible response options , NBC added .

“We have not been informed of Israel’s decision on how and when to respond, but it could happen at any time”, NBC News quoted US officials.

Israel’s response may include strikes in Syria, and we don’t expect it to target senior Iranian officials, US officials said .

Retaliation May Target Shipments or Storage Facilities for Advanced Missile Parts or Weapons Sent to Hezbollah , they added

Washington does not intend to participate in the response and we expect Israel to share information on the measures , they said

Israel has threatened to retaliate for the Iranian attack, which began on Saturday night, in which Tehran used hundreds of drones and missiles in response to the targeting of its consulate in Damascus.

Iran warned Israel of the consequences of repeating its attack again, saying the next attack would be stronger and larger.

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