Russian Avtobaza-M EW System deploys in Tehran , Iran – Report

Amid the sharp escalation in the Middle East, Iran reinforced its air defense, preparing to the possible Israeli attacks on its territory. The Russian-made Avtobaza-M electronic warfare system was spotted in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Accourding to southfront , The first deliveries of the Russian Avtobaza-M complexes to Iran were reported back in 2011. The first footage confirming their deployment in Iran was leaked in 2016.

The Avtobaza-M complex of electronic intelligence is designed for detection, classification and subsequent trajectory tracking of air and sea targets by passive radio-electronic means installed on them. The Avtobaza-M ground-based electronic reconnaissance complex allows monitoring coordinates and other basic parameters of targets and automatically transmitting them to the command posts of air defense units. The Avtobaza-M ground-based electronic intelligence complex includes 4 detection and direction finding stations and an information processing station.

This is a critical system for protecting the existing air defense network from electronic warfare by interfering with GPS, radar and satellite signals at high altitude and at long range, as well as for a surprise attack on enemy aircraft and attacking systems, exposing them to EW.

The deployment of additional systems confirms that the Iranian military strengthened its air defense including in the capital amid the possible response to the massive night attack on Israel

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