Pics from Iraqi areas : Israel uses sparrow missiles in Attacking Iran

Israel used Blue Sparrow missiles in its attack at dawn today on sites in Iran according to images shared on the X platform, which show the remnants of the missile after it was destroyed by Iran AD and fell in Iraqi territory.


Earlier , Sources confirmed to the Jerusalem Post that the Israeli attack on Isfahan in Iran on Friday was not with drones or surface-to-air missiles.

According to Defense Ministry officials, long-range aircraft fired missiles that hit Iranian air force assets in Isfahan, noting that the targeted base had emerged from the drones that attacked Israel last weekend

What is Sparrow Missiles ?

The Sparrow air-launched ballistic missiles are produced by Rafael Israeli Industries.

The warhead of this missile is modular and has the ability to carry a warhead.

This missile is produced in three versions: Black Sparrow (short-range), Blue Sparrow (medium-range), and the latter has a range between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometers.

Iranian officials have denied any attack and confirmed that the explosions in Isfahan were the result of the activation of Iran’s air defense system.


Israeli security and government sources told the same newspaper that Israel would not claim responsibility for the attack on Iran for “strategic reasons.”

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