Mutual bombing between Syria and Israel in the south

The Israeli army announced on Tuesday that it had “monitored the launch of a rockets from Syria towards the Golan,” stressing that Israeli artillery responded by shelling the source of fire.

The Israeli military spokesman said that “Israeli forces shelled last night a Syrian army infrastructure in the area of Mahjah in Daraa, and a Syrian army observation post in southern Syria.

Earlier, unknown persons launched missile shelling from Syrian territory towards the areas controlled by the Israeli army in the occupied Syrian Golan, the far southwest of Syria, to respond to the Israeli army’s artillery towards the areas controlled by the Syrian army.

A field source in the countryside of Daraa told the our website muraselon news  that a missile bombardment was launched from the western countryside of the western province of Daraa, targeting the areas controlled by the Israeli army in the occupied Golan, likely that the shelling on the areas controlled by the Israeli army, was carried out with rockets “Katyusha”.

Israeli artillery shells landed in agricultural land in the vicinity of the strategic “Tal Al-Jabiya” in the western countryside of Daraa, without recording damage except for some fields within which they fell, according to the source.

Muraselon news

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