Israeli media identify the Type of missile that Israel used to attack Iran

Israeli media identified the type of missile that Israel attacked an Iranian site last Friday .

Israeli media, quoting the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, said that the missile is Rampage  type that reaches the speed of sound .

Israel has not officially announced an attack on Iran , This makes it possible that the information about the type of missile was extracted from the photographs that showed the wreckage of parts of it over Iraqi territory.

Israeli Broadcasting Authority also said that The Rampage missile used in the Isfahan attack carries a warhead weighing 150 kg and used in the Isfahan attack has a range of 145 km.

Earlier , Exclusive satellite images obtained by CNN from Umbra Space suggest no widespread damage at an airbase purportedly targeted by an Israeli strike ( video from CNN)

Images captured by the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite at around 10:18 a.m. local time indicate no significant craters in the ground and no destroyed structures.

The images also reveal that Iranian F-14 Tomcat aircraft previously stationed at the airbase are currently absent and were not present for some time before the strike .

While ,Iranian Mehr Agency Mehr Agency quoted the Iranian Foreign Minister An informed source rejected the Western media claims regarding the damage of a part of Iran’s air defense system during the Friday incident

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