Israeli Dimona nuclear reactor was hit during Iranian Attack : Israeli newspaper Maariv

The Israeli newspaper Maariv said in an interview with an Israeli military researcher that satellite images show that the Israeli Dimona reactor was injured during the Iranian missile attack on Israel.

Maariv said in its report, citing air defense researchers, that about 84% of the Iranian attack was repelled, not 99% as the army spokesman said.

” Satellite images show at least one injury in one of the buildings of the nuclear reactor in Dimona and two injuries in its surroundings.” Maariv added .

“Analysis of video footage at the Nevatim base in the Negev shows 4 injuries from rockets, not fragments of interceptor missiles” .

“Analysis of videos showing what appeared to be 5 injuries at Ramon Air Base in the Negev desert” , Maariv said


In early April, Israel struck the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus.

In response, Iran launched missiles and drones toward Israel on April 13, after alerting the countries of the region about the attack in advance. In intercepting Iranian missiles and drones, Israel was assisted by the US and UK. The IDF said that 99% of about 300 Iranian missiles heading toward the Jewish state were intercepted.

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