Iraqi group Targets Israeli Barracks and Base by Drones : Statements

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq says it has carried out three anti-“Israeli” operations, this time targeting two barracks and a military base in the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq made the announcement in three separate statements on its Telegram channel late Sunday and early Monday.

“The Islamic Resistance fighters in Iraq this morning on Sunday, 7/4/2024, targeted the western Yarden barracks in the occupied Golan with a drone,” it said in the first statement.

The resistance added that the second operation, also on Sunday, “targeted the southern Yonatan barracks in our occupied territories.”

The third operation, which was carried out with drones, “targeted the Zionist Elifalit base, north of Lake Tiberias” in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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