Iran’s attack on Israel enabled by North Korean missile technology – Report

Writer Bruce E. Bektul, a professor of political science at Angelo University in Texas, says Iran obtained the technology to assemble ballistic missile systems from North Korea.

Based on images and descriptions from the region, many of the missiles used in the Iranian attack were from the missiles Tehran calls “Emad”, a medium-range ballistic missile, which is nothing more than a copy of the North Korean Nodong missile, with a range of about 1,700 kilometers, and its longer range allows targeting Israel.

North Korea has sold systems to Iran since 1980, and the sales have not stopped, and are unlikely to stop without taking sharp and decisive action against North Korea’s support for Iran and its proxies, the Writer added .

He said Iran claims that Emad was tested and has already confirmed a range of 1,700 kilometers, and that the object dropped near the Dead Sea in Israel during the Iranian attack last week, proves this to be true. According to the Iranians, Imad is far more accurate than other missiles in Tehran’s stockpile.

Source: National Interest

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