Iran shut down its nuclear facilities on the day of the attack on Israel

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, announced that Iran shut down its nuclear facilities last Sunday during the attack on Israel, in anticipation of a possible retaliatory strike against Israel.

“We are still concerned about this possibility, what I can say is that our inspectors in Iran were informed by the Iranian government that all the nuclear facilities we inspect daily remained closed for security reasons on Sunday,” Grossi said.

Grossi said Iranian facilities were expected to reopen on Monday, but said he had made a decision not to allow inspectors to return until the situation calmed down completely, adding that the closure had no impact on inspection activities.

Israel has vowed to “respond” to the massive and unprecedented attack by Iran, despite calls by a number of countries, including the American ally, to avoid escalation in the Middle East, which is already suffering from the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

Last Saturday, Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel using dozens and Missiles

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