How to know unknown caller number via Android directly

Google is developing the features of its mobile application by introducing a new “search” feature that allows users to easily search for the source of connected and anonymous phone numbers directly from the list of last calls on your phone, as indicated by The Verge.

One of the users noticed it on the X platform, and pointed out that there is a new “search” feature in the beta version of the “Google Phone” application, and when you click on it, Google search appears with the number you have already entered.

The “Search” option appears when you tap an unknown number in the “Last Calls” tab of the mobile app. When you click on the feature, you will see a list of applications on the phone that can search for the number on the Internet, and you can choose the Google search application from the applications that will appear in the options.

The Google Phone app is the default app for the company’s Pixel phone series, but other Android phone users can download and use the app. This new feature comes with other options, such as “Blocking” and “Call History” that you see when you click on the latest call interface in the App

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