French FREMM frigate withdrawal from Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

The French FREMM frigate “Alsace” has abandoned the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, according to French sources.

The commander of the ship stated that the Yemeni Armed Forces “do not hesitate to use drones and ballistic missiles in a very surprising and striking manner.”

He added, “It has been a long time since we dealt with this level of weapons and violence. The Houthis are perfecting their technique. The more they fire, the more accurate they become.”

The Commander told Le Figaro: “All combat equipment was used on board the frigate, from the Aster missile to machine guns,” noting that the cost of each Aster is $2 million.

FREMM is the one of a number of European military ships that have recently withdraw from the area, following the withdrawal of the HDMS Danish Esbern Snare this week and the British destroyer HMS Richmond before it.

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