Explosion hit military weapons factory in UK

The “Telegraph” newspaper Said on Wednesday that an explosion occurred in Wales one of the factories packing ammunition is affiliated with the company “BAE Systems” British.

According to preliminary data occurred explosion inside one of the factory buildings, and no information about casualties.

BAE Systems is the largest military contractor in Europe.

The weapons factory site in Glascoed was built in 1938 and established to help prepare the Royal Navy ahead of the Second World War. It now employs around 500 people.

Commenting on today’s explosion local MP David Davies said:

“I have spoken at length with senior management at BAE Systems. I understand it was an explosion that happened in a remote part of the site that had been set aside to take apart shells and this was being done by remote control.

“The explosion did not cause any injuries, evacuation procedures were immediately instigated and everything was thoroughly checked.

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