Download Yacine Tv apk and YTV Player Latest version 2024

Yassin TV application is for live broadcast applications that display all matches around the world with Arabic commentary, as the application transmits live broadcast of encrypted Bean Sport channels, where through its services the Arab viewer can follow the most important Arab and world championships for free.

Download Yacien TV apk

Yassin TV application provides an excellent display screen with HD resolution, where it can be installed on the screen and run the program directly via the Internet, thus achieving fun for the viewer by following the matches via the screen directly and not via mobile

Download Yacien TV apk, the new version. To download the application, click here

The YTV Player application works as a basic player for the Yassin TV application. It is also considered the basis of the application’s work, as its mission is to display live broadcast video through the Yassin TV application.

Download Yacine Tv player for Android, Yacine TV player

While the management of the Yassin TV application asked subscribers to update the player to the latest version in order to provide the best possible quality and high accuracy.

In order to download the update for the Yassin TV application player, all you have to do is go to the Google Play website and write YTV Player and then click on update.

click here

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