Gaza news : Leaks on the decision to ceasefire in Gaza: through three stages

ASources in the leadership of the Palestinian resistance said to Al-Mayadeen Tv that A leadership delegation from Hamas will be in Cairo on Sunday.

New proposals will be put forward to bridge the gap between Hamas and “israel” with Egypt and Qatar attempting to offer approaches, but they collide with “israeli” intransigence.

There is slight progress, and there has been a retreat in the “israeli” stance regarding the return of the displaced and the number of prisoners.

“Israel” agrees to the return of the displaced on the condition that it is limited to women, children, and those under 18 years of age.

Hamas rejected the “israeli” proposal regarding the manner of the return of the displaced.

Regarding the resistance’s request for an “israeli” withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, “israel” still insists on staying in Gaza during the first phase.

The agreement consists of 3 phases, each phase is discussed separately, and the period of calm ranges between 40-45 days.

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