Middle East

Who controls Yemen ? .. Map of Yemen armed conflict and political divisions.

Who controls Yemen? where is Houthis control .. Let’s take a look at the political map.

1. Red indicates the territory controlled by the Houthis. The majority of the Yemeni population lives here. The Houthis also control the country’s capital, Sanaa.

2. Green indicates territory under the control of a central and internationally-recognized government. It is extremely dependent on the Saudi coalition, which was fighting against the Houthis, and de facto represents its interests. The formal capital is Marib.


3. Light blue is for the Southern Transitional Council (southern provinces seeking separation from Yemen who gravitate towards the UAE). The council controls Aden.

4. The island of Socotra is highlighted in deep blue – it is actually controlled by the UAE. The safest place in Yemen at the moment.

5. Areas under the control of ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists are marked in black.


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