First video emerges of Syrian Army entry to Tabqa Military Airport

The video clip shows the entry of Syrian Army units into the Tabqa Military Airport for the first time in years.
The video also showcased the deployment of Syrian forces inside the airport and the surrounding villages in the government advance onto the villages and towns of Raqqa’s northern countryside.
The Syrian Army had also entered the stronghold town of Ain Issa in north of Raqqa and Tabqa amidst celebrations of the locals.
The mass deployment of Syrian troops in northern Syria comes in light of aborting the encroachment of the Turkish Army and its auxiliary rebel forces on Syrian lands,
It is worth mentioning that the autonomous administration, which is tied to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced yesterday that the Syrian Army will enter positions in northern Syria with the goal deploying along the Syrian-Turkish borders.
The Syrian forces had withdrawn from Tabqa Airbase over five years ago after a brutal siege by ISIS forced the embattled defenders to retreat towards the 93rd Brigade Base near Ain Issa.

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