US politicians pressure Trump to send $250m in military aid to Ukraine

The Trump administration is under pressure from a bipartisan group of US lawmakers to approve a $250 million military assistance package to Ukraine.
The military financial aid package in question is currently being withheld under review by the Trump administration over concerns of corruption within Ukraine’s government despite having already been approved by congress.
Specifically, President Trump and his cabinet are concerned that the quarter-billion dollar security fund may be inappropriately spent outside its intended objective of assisting Ukraine’s armed forces.
The Trump administration’s concerns are seen as legitimate by many given that the post-Euromaidan political system of Ukraine has turned out to be even more corrupt than the Russian-influenced governments before it.
The team of lawmakers leading the charge to pressure the executive office to release the package are a mix of Republican and Democratic senators as well as bureaucrats from various committees related to European and specifically Ukrainian initiatives.
As per usual, Democratic politicians and media outlets in particular are spinning the aid delay as “Putin appeasement” and “a gift to Russia” by Trump as part of their pressure campaign.
Despite a recent speech pledging continued US support for Ukraine which also included statements condemning Russian actions since 2014 (i.e. the take over of Crimea and supporting anti-Kiev rebels in the Donbass region), Vice President Mike Pence has nonetheless backed Trump’s decision to not release the $250 million military aid package without a proper review first.
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