Two Russian submarines arrive at naval base in western Syria

Two submarines and two ships from the Russian Navy arrived at their naval base in the Syrian governorate of Tartous this week, the Interfax News Agency reported on Friday.
“Yesterday, the submarine, which had been performing tasks at sea for three weeks, docked in Tartus, and the crew is resting in the Tartus base,” the Interfax report said, quoting the Navy Commander Sergei Tronev.
According to Tronev, the second submarine, after filling up stocks, is preparing to go back out to sea.
Tronev added that at least six other ships and submarines are present at their naval base in the Tartous Governorate.
The Russian Navy recently expanded their base in Tartous after signing an agreement with the Syrian government.
Prior to the Russian entry in the Syrian war, this naval base in the Tartous Governorate was primarily used to repair Russian ships that were in the Mediterranean waters.

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