Saudi-backed offensive to retake Aden ends in total defeat, fast retreat

A Saudi-backed offensive by pro-Hadi government forces to take back their self-proclaimed capital in Yemen from Emirati-vetted separatist militants has ended in utter defeat and a hasty withdrawal.
The scale of the failed operation is huge with pro-Hadi troops having been bombed by UAE warplanes, routed amid their over-extended advance by Southern Resistance (or Southern Transitional Council; STC) militants and forced into a disorganized retreat out of Aden city.
According to reports, about fifty government troops were killed during the brief offensive operation which saw Saudi-backed forces enter Aden in an attempt to wrest back control of it from the STC militants.
As of the present time, pro-Hadi military units pushed back to the outer vicinity of Aden are completely on the defensive; the state of government forces in nearby Abyan Province (who made gains in the region four days ago) may also be compromised by this defeat – the coming days will likely tell.
Precision airstrikes conducted by UAE warplanes are said to have been a key factor in the initial blunting of the Yemen government offensive and then turning it back on itself.
Furthermore, reports have emerged that STC fighters have now launched a mass arrest operation across Aden to round-up known pro-Hadi loyalists.
It is obvious the separatist group now intends to consolidate its control over the city.
All in all, the event is a testament to the long-known incompetence of Saudi-backed Yemen government forces who have been advertised as a legitimate and trained army but which in practice have proven to be nothing more than a rag-tag mercenary militia.