Houthis Release Shocking Videos Of Operation in south of Saudi Arabia

On September 29, the Houthis’ media wing released shocking videos of the first phase of “Operation Victory From God,” which took place south of Saudi Arabia’s Najran earlier in September.
The videos were showcased during a press conference of the Yemen group’s spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, who revealed new details about the operation
According to Brig. Gen. Sari, the operation was planned for months and involved the Missile Force, the Air Force and the Air-Defense Forces.
The Yemeni Missile Force launched ten Badir-1 rockets at Jizan airport, while the Air Force carried out 21 operations against military targets throughout the Kingdom. These attacks took place over several months before the operation to distract the Saudi-led coalition air forces and hinder their operations.
During the operation, the Yemeni Air Defense Forces targeted the coalition’s attack helicopters, preventing them from provide close air support to trapped Saudi troops south of Najran.

Brig. Gen. Sari summarized the results of Operation Victory from God, as the following:

  • Houthi fighters captured 350 km2 south of Najran, including dozens of key positions.
  • More than 500 Saudi service members and Saudi-backed Yemen fighters were killed.
  • More than 2,000 personnel of the Saudi-led coalition were captured, including Saudi officers.
  • Hundreds of pick-up trucks, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers (APCs) and engineering vehicles were captured. At least 15 other vehicles were destroyed.

The Houthis’ spokesman also revealed that Saudi warplanes carried out at least 300 airstrikes in a desperate attempt to foil the operation, targeting even its own soldiers and proxies. At least 200 coalition personnel were killed in such “friendly” airstrikes.

“Our forces attempted to provide first aid to the enemy’s personnel who were wounded as a result of the airstrikes, but the continued sorties increased their losses,” Brig. Gen. Sari.

The videos released by the media wing confirmed most of the information revealed by Brig. Gen. Sari, who promised that more videos will be released in the upcoming few days.
The Houthis’ spokesman noted that Operation Victory of God is still ongoing, calling on Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters to leave the front lines and return to their homes.
The Saudi-led coalition has not yet commented on the shocking footage. The heavy losses could force the Kingdom to reassessed its policy in Yemen.

Source : South front

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