WATCH: Yemen's Houthis use new missile to down US drone

The official press service of Yemen’s Houthi militia movement has released a report showcasing a new surface-launched (SAM) air interception missile in service with the group and its video-documented combat use against a US hunter-killer drone.
The American drone downed over Yemen by Houthi air defenses is an MQ-9 Reaper, a staple drone type in the US arsenal and one that more specifically fits into the category of being an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).
The Houthi air defense missile used in the engagement has been identified by the group as its new ‘Fatir’ design. Details of the weapon’s specifications are not entirely known, in particular its mode of guidance.
Going by the missile’s nose cone and observed target-chasing characteristics, the missile would seem to be radar-guided. Likely so, a semi-active guided design assisted by a ground fire-control radar.
Houthi media thoroughly video documented the engagement. Three videos from different perspectives have been provided below:


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