VIDEO: Syrian Army shoots down militant attack drone in south Idlib

Syrian Army forces situated in southern Idlib have shot down an armed drone that militants tried to use to bomb their positions amid ongoing clashes in the region.
The improvised attack drone was detected by soldiers as it approached Syrian Army positions near the village of Al-Jisyat south of Al-Hoabit town where a major battle between government forces and militant groups.
After engaging the drone with small arms, well-placed shot managed to destabilize the drone and make it crash. Amazing its full load of small bomblets (comparable to a trench mortar shell) did not detonate and the aircraft was recovered fully intact.
Syrian Army forces released footage (shown below) of the drone to display the ad-hoc weapon system deployed against them.
The use of small improvised attack drones – particularly by anti-government militant groups – armed with small bomblets has been a common occurrence in the Syrian War for many years now.
The weapon system is crude, but can be quite effective if the dropped munitions do land on the intended target.

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