VIDEO: Slain jihadists, destroyed armor litter Syrian Army advance path in Idlib (18+)

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) has released footage showing fallen jihadists and destroyed militant tanks in the wake of recent Syrian Army advances across southern Idlib province.
Specifically, the footage shows two locations recently captured by the Syrian Army in southern Idlib. The town of Kafr Ayn and the hilltop (and corresponding village) of Tal As, located along the western road leading into Khan Sheykhun.
On late Tuesday night, the Syrian Army launched a blitz assault which resulted in it seizing these two areas and although militant resistance was not as solid as usual, there were nonetheless some mobile units that attempted to make a stand.
As the footage (shown below) demonstrates, the insurgents incurred losses among their infantry ranks and also lost a number of vehicles, including at least one tank which is shown to be turned-over (probably hit by an airstrike).
Syrian Army follow-up forces are currently fortifying Kafr Ayn and Tal As whilst assault units are likely preparing for a new attack.

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