Turkey-backed forces prepare huge offensive against Syrian Army in Idlib

Militant groups directly funded, trained and even commanded by Turkey are preparing for a major offensive against the Syrian Army in the southern countryside of Idlib province and or the northern countryside of Hama.
What began as a suspicion amid Syrian Army advances in the vicinity of Khan Sheykhun that seriously endanger militant groups still holding on to areas of northern Hama has now pretty much been confirmed by the official media wings of various insurgent groups backed by Turkey that they are readying to attack government forces.
This has further been confirmed by video evidence showing convoys – some with heavy weapons – of Turkish-backed militants leaving their areas of operation in Afrin for the front-lines in southern Idlib.
In all probability, these groups will launch their offensive against the Syrian Army in the Ghab Plain (around Huwayz) and or around Al-Hobait; there also exists the possibility of an attack somewhere in northern Hama province.
Despite optimistic claims (true or not) by pro-government media outlets that Turkey has abandoned northern Hama province to the Syrian Army, the reality is that Ankara will still try to undermine government forces wherever it can do so – that undoubtedly includes letting a major part of their inactive proxy groups go to fight against an opponent that threatens to encircle Turkish Army checkpoints in Idlib and Hama.

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