Syrian Army tanks with new cameras vulnerable to militants with night-vision weapons

Open-source Syrian battlefield analysts have pointed out a new addition to Syrian Army tanks that has been seen in recent pictures of military tanks serving on the Hama and Idlib fronts which bring about both benefits and vulnerabilities for their crews.
Specifically, analysts have identified the incorporation of non-standard infrared-imagining (IR) capable CCTV cameras (which can be purchased from Ebay) into the hull of certain Syrian Army tanks – effectively a DIY upgrade based on crew preference.
As correctly pointed out by such analysts, the cheap solution of adding a conventional CCTV camera (noted as being worth only $10 on Ebay) to the tank’s hull brings about the benefit of increased close-quarter situation awareness for tank crews (especially the driver) at night.
However, as also correctly being realized, the use of these CCTV cameras in their IR mode at night can make the tank light-up when viewed through conventional night-vision sighting and allow it to be detected many, many kilometers away (when, without the camera, it may not have otherwise been spotted) by night-vision capable weapons, including anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), which insurgent groups are notoriously equipped with.
Although militants equipped with more modern night-vision capable ATGMs are far an few between, there does nonetheless exist video evidence that some insurgent tank-hunting teams do possess such systems.

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