Breaking: Syrian Army seizes key town on new front in south Idlib ( MAP)

The Syrian Army has captured a key town on the road to Khan Sheykhun from militant groups in the southern countryside of Idlib province.
Minutes ago, field reporters speaking to Muraselon News stated that forces of the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard branch had entered into and seized the important town of Sukayk amid very heavy clashes with jihadist fighters.
The victory follows a violent confrontation that took place on Saturday at the hilltop of Tal Sukayk when the Syrian Army opened a new front east of Murak city, capturing the high-point and then dealing with desperate jihadist counter-attack.
The clashes at Tal Sukayk saw the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham insurgent group utilize a suicide car bomb (SVBIED) attack against forward government positions. The attack was reportedly executed by a jihadist of Turkish nationality.
The fighting by no-means quieted down today with high-pitch firefights during the entire leg of Syrian Army’s advance to Sukayk town and continuing even since then. Republican Guard forces are now establishing defensive positions in expectation for what they believe will be a soon-to-arrive jihadist counter-attack.
If the past is anything to go by, this will be the case.

HD Map
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