Syrian Army repels endless ISIS attacks in east Syria during recent months

For months now, the Syrian Army and allied pro-government forces units have been repelling one ISIS attack after another in defense of key eastern Syrian cities along the Euphrates River.
Indeed, the two main government-held settlements which have come under attack by ISIS the most are the Syrian-Iraqi border city of Abu Kamal and, further up the western bank of the Euphrates, the city of Al-Mayadeen.
Both are strategically important locations and it comes as no surprise that the terrorist group chooses to apply pressure on Syrian Army defenses at these cities.
Other areas targeted include Palmyra, the Sukhnah to Deir Ezzor highway, T-3 Pumping Station and the T-2 Pumping Station (and nearby Hamdan Airport).
According to reports, most ISIS raids on government defenses involve groups of fighters often numbering no more than a dozen to (at the most) two dozen jihadists. However, the frequency of the attacks in recent months has been very high, sometimes happening in bouts of 2 to 3 consecutive days. All have been repelled.
It is obvious that ISIS has been reduced in terms of military capabilities from a standing army with the ability to conduct large mobile operations to that of a classic insurgent group which hides during the day, conducts night raids, terrorist attacks against civilians and rear-area bombings against its armed opponents.

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