Syrian Army night raid in Idlib terminates entire platoon of Islamists

A special night raid by Syrian Army forces in the southern countryside of Idlib province has neutralized a platoon-sized grouping of Islamist fighters who seem to have no idea what hit them.
The Syrian Army night raiding force infiltrated a section of front between Abdeen and Qusaybiya during the course of very late Thursday night to very early Friday morning, shooting up militant tactical positions with the assistance of night-vision sighting equipment and then later returning back to government positions.
Sources report (and this is also confirmed by pro-militant media) that last night’s raid in southern Idlib near Abdeen and Qusaybiya resulted in the death of 18 insurgents of Ahrar al-Sham located at a forward position opposite Syrian Army lines.
At the present time, it is unknown which Syrian Army unit was involved in the operation.
History does show that either the Tiger Forces (25th Counter-Terrorism Division) or Syrian Republican Guard conducts these kind of operations.
The 15th Special Forces Division is known for these kind of operations too from early in the conflict, but there is no evidence this formation is even serving on the southern Idlib front.
In all probability, the Syrian Army night raiding team belonged to the Tiger Forces; again however, this is not confirmed. Additional information may be released in the days to come which clarify this.
Further east along the contact line in Idlib, the Syrian Army scored a key advance on Friday, seizing the jihadist stronghold town of At-Tamanaa and its surrounding area including a number of key hilltops.

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