Syrian Air Force strikes south Idlib amid rumors of coming operation

The Syrian Air Force has conducted strikes against militant positions and movements across the southern countryside of Idlib province; this takes place amid rumors of a new upcoming operation by the Syrian Army.
According to sources, the Syrian Air Force unleashed a series tactical and interdiction strikes in and around the towns of Jarjanaz, At-Tah, Ash-Sheykh Mustafa, Murat Hurma and Tal Manis.
The attack which has taken place in recent hours is a follow-up to strikes that were conducted yesterday across virtually all the same areas which are located north of Khan Sheykhun, yet south of Murat al-Numan, on both sides of the M5 Highway.
These high-tempo strikes take place amid ongoing rumors that the Syrian Army intends to commit to a new offensive operation on the ground in southern Idlib province following the liberation of Khan Sheykhun and destruction of the militant-controlled Hama pocket.
An increase of these already regular strikes conducted by Syrian airpower may serve as an indicator that such a new ground offensive is on the way.

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