Syrian Air Force strikes hit targets north of Khan Sheykhun

Following the liberation of Khan Sheykhun and the neutralization of the militant-controlled Hama pocket, the Syrian Air Force has since complemented gains on the ground with additional strikes north of the recently captured areas.
Specifically, Syrian Air Force operations have targeted insurgents across an area north of Khan Sheykhun, yet south of Marat al-Numan on both sides of the M5 Highway.
According to reports, air force warplanes have struck Islamist positions and movements in and around the towns of Jarjanaz, Deir ash-Sharqi and At-Tah as well as the city of Kafr Nabl in recent hours.
Insurgent gatherings near the towns of Marat Hurma and Kafr Sajna (both directly south of Kafr Nabl) were reportedly also targeted.
The possibility of a jihadist counter-attack, even if just for propaganda purposes, against areas recently taken by the Syrian Army remains very possible and it is for this reason the Syrian Air Force is currently engaged in interdiction operations against known militant gatherings behind the front.

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