Russia's navy to acquire record number of submarines in 2020

Russia’s navy is to acquire a record number of submarines in 2020, the greatest such amount to be acquired in a single year since 1992, the TASS news agency reported citing inside defense sources.
According to the report, 2020 will see Russia’s military shipbuilders produce 6 submarines, four of them large nuclear-powered designs and two of them smaller diesel-electric types.
The delivery order of the Russian Navy is the largest in 28 years – the first time since 1992 that six submarines will be built for the Russian Navy.
According to historical data provided by TASS, between 1993 to 1997, Russia’s navy received 2 to 3 submarines per year; and between 1997 to 2012, this dropped to just one submarine per year.
The TASS report pointed out that the situation has improved since 2013, with the Russian Navy acquiring four submarines in 2014 for example – this serving as pretext to the decades-long record to be set in 2020.

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