Russian special forces reportedly conduct deep infiltration operation in northwest Syria

Russian special forces based in Syria have conducted a unique anti-insurgency operation against Al-Qaeda militants in the country’s northwest according to reports from front-line sources.
Though neither the Syrian or Russian military or defense ministries have commented on the event, reports hint that a pro-government special forces group conducted an operation in the last 48 hours in which it managed to sneak past militant defenses in the Al-Ghab Plain and eliminate a gathering of Hurras al-Din (official Syrian Al-Qaeda group) fighters, killing about half a dozen.
The report on this recent event follows another similar operation just over a week ago in which either a Syrian Army or perhaps Russian special forces unit infiltrated terrorist positions in southeast Idlib province (near the town of Al-Ajaz), neutralizing a group of eleven Suqour al-Sham militants before retreating back to government lines.

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Russia has officially denied, as of the last two weeks, that it has ground forces participating alongside the Syrian Army amid operations in Hama and Idlib provinces.
On August 5, the Syrian military announced plans to re-commence its recently halted Idlib operation, beginning a fresh round of airstrikes shortly after the statement. A major ground attack is expected to follow.

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